A year in nature

Writing & booklet design

The brief:

Present twelve of my poems about nature in a neatly-packaged booklet.

The idea:

Pick colours to represent each month of the year and package the booklet with a tick list for readers to complete.

Over the space of a year, I wrote, collected and edited a set of twelve short poems inspired by nature, one for each month of the year.


The package includes the poem booklet, a tick list and a pencil.

Tick list

The tick list features all the birds mentioned in the booklet and encourages the reader to get out in nature to find them.


I developed the idea of using colour to illustrate the poems instead of imagery, as it was the best way of keeping consistency throughout the book.

Each poem’s title page features a bold wash of colour that helps to evoke the feeling of that month. I used the same colour for the poem’s text to keep the design harmonious.

Centre spread

For the centre spread, I broke from the standard grid by typesetting the poem so it took up the whole spread.

As the book progresses, the different colours help to transport the reader’s imagination to each different month.