You’re my type


The brief:

If you could limit yourself to only eight typefamilies to design with for the rest of your career, what would they be?

The idea:

I tested a wide range of fonts for qualities such as readability, legibility, number of glyphs and range of weights. I presented the chosen typefamilies in an engaging way by personifying them to describe their attributes.

Shown here are three selected posters, each describing my chosen type family’s characters. Didot became a glamourous model; Joanna, a confident, straight-talking woman and News Gothic became a hasty journalist.

The chosen eight type families.

‘Birth certificates’ for each typefamily detailing their designer, date of design and nationality in the style of their personified character.

I created ephemera to showcase each typefamily. Shown here is a newspaper front page for News Gothic, and a type sample based on Eric Gill’s ‘An Essay on Typography’, to display Joanna.