Nature Publishing Group, Macmillan

Concept creation & advertising

A selection of projects I worked on whilst at Macmillan’s Nature Publishing Group (NPG). I created campaigns and artwork for Nature’s publications.

Holiday campaign

I created a snowflake made out of scientific instruments for Nature’s cross-cultural holiday campaign.

Style guide

Whilst at NPG I created detailed brand guidelines for the marketing department to adhere to.

Evolving science campaign

The aim of this campaign was to demonstrate the many ways in which Nature has branched out into new media to keep scientists up-to-date with the latest research. I selected three science-related images to convey the concept of exponential growth.

Philanthropy booklet

I used a speech bubble device to highlight Nature’s involvement with the wider scientific community.

Nature Outlook calendar

I created a system that showed off the covers of the Nature Outlook supplement in a desk-top calendar.

Hand-drawn typeface

I created a hand-drawn typeface for the end screen of an animation for Scientific Reports. The animation had a jaunty illustrated style and so I created the typeface to match this.