Friends of Tooting Common

Identity design & typography

The brief:

Friends of Tooting Common (FOTC) is a group dedicated to protecting Tooting Common, whilst providing events and activities for local people. I was briefed to create a brand identity which improved the organisation’s visibility in the local area.

The idea:

Turn it into a friendly, chatty identity.


The owl mascot came about as the common is well known for its little owls. The colour is a nod to the ring-necked parakeets whose bright plumage and loud squawks have become one of the idiosyncrasies of the common. The form is bold and angular, to distinguish itself from similar organisations whose visual language tends to be more twee. I softened elements of the main brandmark to make a more playful kids’ brandmark.


I created a display typeface by tracing over Avenir, then scanning and vectorising it. This adds a friendliness to the visual identity, and variety when used in combination with Avenir LT in other printed material. It is this typeface that forms the basis of the “chatty” identity.

Event invitations

Small postcard-sized invitations show details of the event, and highlight the noises of wildlife in Tooting Common in a chatty, friendly way with the large typeface.


I created larger posters to be put up around the common to advertise events. I used the large typeface to emphasise FOTC’s friendliness. I chose vivid, bright images of endemic animals to show the wildlife that Tooting Common supports.

Alfie’s first dog show – Image used with kind permission from Davey.

Membership form

A postcard-sized membership form welcomes new members to the group with a “chatty” design.

Promotional items

I enlarged the owl mascot for use on adults’ T-shirts, tote bags and kids’ T-shirts. These bold designs would be sold at the Tooting Common cafe to raise awareness of FOTC in the local area.

Dry-wipe events noticeboards

I created a cost-effective way of promoting events whilst still maintaining the brand identity through use of the colours, brandmark and typeface. These notice boards would be made from a wipeable plastic material and written on with a dry-wipe marker pen. The design still “chats” to the viewer but allows events organisers to advertise the next event in a simple way.