Brand Perfect

Editorial design, typography & art direction

The brief:

Design and typeset Brand Perfect’s research about the Internet of Things for print and digital devices. Art-direct illustrations.

The idea:

Create a design based on the modular grid of Brand Perfect’s parent company Monotype. Scale it down to work across different devices.

Front cover

I chose black foil-blocking for the cover to give it a tactile finish. The typography on the front cover relates to the inside titles.

Art direction

I art-directed Laura Barnard’s illustrations, based on the concepts of technology diminishing the difference between physical and digital objects, and devices talking to each other.

Translation article

The article on machine translation demanded a variation to the design to make it stand out. Part of this task was image research to communicate the article’s message visually.

Grid and typography

The modular grid allows for text and image to be displayed in an interesting way. I combined serif and sans-serif typefaces Ysobel and DIN Next, and used pull quotes to pick out key information.

Digital devices

I scaled down the print design for desktop, mobile and tablet screens using the modular grid. This ensured the design was consistent across different devices.