Beauty of Water

Editorial design & typography

The brief:

Produce a limited-edition item to raise money for a water charity.

The idea:

I produced a set of three books about different aspects of water; its beauty, science and power. I combined the written word and my photography to absorb readers into a watery world.

I developed a diagonal grid for the book. Each column slopes diagonally to give the text a more fluid appearance and lends itself to more experimental layouts. I split lines of text at unusual points to achieve a layered and moving water-like appearance.

I used wood block typography to evoke the auditory qualities of water. Throughout the books, overlaid italic and roman letterforms with hairline outlines hinted at the layered perpetual movement of water.

I took photographs of water with a waterproof camera, resulting in vivid, in-amongst-the-action imagery.

Night surfing typographic spread

I typeset this piece about surfing in white on black, repeating the overlaid roman and italic typefaces formatting to achieve the effect of moonlight on the sea at night.